Tuesday, February 26, 2013

soo now to the sundaay <3

we went for a drive 

with some stops :)

we saw the kingston flyer 

went to a lake :)

and had some car fun with tascha <3

we went for a picknic in queenstown 

took some pictchaas 

and went up the gondolas :) 

up too the luge :)  

we were pretty far away from... you guys :) 

then we did some quality shopping 

for lollies <3

chilled at cookie time 

and ate there too 

sorry for this horrid post I just am really tired :D 

night night : ) <3

I like food...

the first day of the weekend also known as saturday was full of fooooooooood <3 

it started with making my own pav with "grandma" 

before the bake 


waiting for the bake

and after :) 

and now finaly after the creme 

then we went for a walk 

to a playground/their school

just before we ate :)) our desert 

and I presented the finished pavv 

ya and thats well it 

xoxo :) 

PS: skype me <3

Monday, February 25, 2013

my little tour

heres a halfway normal day for you :) 

I usually wake up to a cat who jumped into my window and is sleeping on my bed :D 

and after I get ready I catch the bus at 8 

i walk into school 

and this day in particular I held a speach in front of the WHOLE SENIOR SCHOOL!!
it was horrifying :D

then I chill with my red shoed peeps 

like annnli<3


oh yeah and I acctually do school work like maths :D 

this is the view from where I sit 

the gym 

the other view :) 

the other gym 

and again a view and the gym :D

hope you liked my little tour :) <3

thomas :)

heey :) so I know I've been gone for a long while and allot has happened and this is just the start :) 
sooo I have this new kitten he is 7 weeks old and his nae is thomas <3<3
I love him more than anything in the world 
he always kuddles with me he sleeps in my arm and cries when I leave :) 
he is a foster kitten from the SPCA 
When I was sick the other day he jumped up on me and snuggled into my arms and fell asleep there <3
here are a few pics <3