Sunday, February 17, 2013

a little update on my life down under

hey everyone :)
I don'T have much to show for the last couple of days :( but I can tell you whats going on here in NZ :)

so there haven'T been many real events giong on here so I haven't taken many pictures :(
I've had school so about school :
school starts at 8:45 which is pure awsome :D but I still have to get a bus so I cant just get up at 8:20 and walk over there in my jams :(
I have a uniform and a very strict dress code (nobody really cares though)
I'm wearing the summer uniform so I wear a light dress and a red jersey, I also wear red shoe (check out my older posts for some pics) and white socks :)
at southland girls high school you are ot allowed to wear jewelry exeptions are watches.
no nail polish and no make up and also no unnatural hair coloring and your hair needs to be up :)
I have 6 subjects that I chose:  FAD =fashion and design, FH= food and hospitality, PE= sport and health, Mu= music, E= english and Ma= maths in FAD we are making boxers in FH we are learning abuot vegetables and fruits. In PE we are leaning about well IDK how to describe it :/ and in health we are leaning about "relationships" :D Music we picking apart a piece of music the festival overture of brahms or something like that and in english we are learning about personal responces. Oh yeah in maths we are learning "easy" algebra ( I'm in year 12 in that subject )

I have been cooking allot :D I've made chicken fingers fruit salad and tunns of FUDGEE <3<3<3<3
ohh and other stufff like salad or spƤtzle or schitzel :D
I think I've become quite a good cook

the best part of my day is the bus ride :D the people on it are really fun and it's just really fun to be there with all the kids from the different schools.

I've been staying fit going for runs and eating healthy... sometimes :D

Summer is slowly coming to an end here which is really depressing :( the sun goes down earlier like 1,5 hours earlier and comes up later... and it's colder and more windy and it also is raining allot D:

I've been shopping like every week :D this weekend I bought a hoodie, ballerinas and shorts ... that was yesterday :D Annli and I went to town. we went shopping in the stores then we went to pita pit (just amazing food come to germany or the US please!!) and after that we went to the movies and watched safe haven without knowing what the movie was about... a bit creepy :D
lastly we went to the church and helped out with the dishes from a church dinner party for about an hour or so untill annlis hostfather picked us up and took us to her house where we had tea (for me) and hotchocolate (for annli) and fruit while watching love actually.

well I think you are about up to date :)

stay excellent
xoxo lyssie <3

PS: i don't want to leave :((

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