Sunday, February 3, 2013

the past couple of days :)

so in the past days I've been up to allot so heres a litte bit of what that was

we went to a lake

it was a long drive

but very beautiful 

and we went tubing and water skiing 

and has some awsome wipeouts (annli here :) 

the lamb chased meag up a tree :D 

and I got my school uniform... 

and we got a spca kitten her mum left her at just 3 weeks :( so we're fostering her right now :) 

the uniform is .... Beautiful :D

the next day we went for a walk with the dogs 

there where some pretty stuff I felt like photographing 

this is meag riding in the car :D 

and last but not least I had an Ice cream :) 

xx lysss

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