Saturday, January 26, 2013

day 1 down under :)

hey peeps :) 

So yesterday was my first real day in NZ and it was amazing :) 
first I looked around the farm and later annlis family picked me up to show me around town and go to the beach : ) 
It was 30c and it felt hotter at times :) 
In the part a guy brought his parrot :D never seen that before 
there was also a peter pan statue :) 
We went to a supermarket and got some food for the beach right before we drove there
the beach was beautiful an you can see in the pics 
we met up with some friends of annlis guestmom which had a dog names muscles :) 
he was ADORABLE <3
we went for allot of walks with him :) 
on one of those we found a pair of shoes laying in the sand... 

well I hope you enjoyed the pics :)

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