Friday, January 25, 2013

The journey, the destination & the orange t-shirts : )

Hey peeps :)

So I'm here in NZ and alive :) 
so my trip was SOOOO long like 36 hours but still fun :) 
I slept for about 10 ours all together and the rest I spent goofing around with my friends :) 
We watched a ton of movies including batman (I still am VERY confused about what is happening in that movie) and perks of being a wallflower (must see and read :)
We had to wear ORANGE tee's they were TERRIBLE I looked like I was about to puke during the entire flight :) 
Three people actually did...
New zealand was beautiful out of the plane so here are a few pics of well everything I saw there they are a bit out of order :) 

well thats it for yesterday :) 
-Lyssie <3

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