Sunday, January 6, 2013

G.N.I. with my tiki

Hey guys here's my first post :) 
yesterday I came back to hamburg after spending the holidays with my family in NY :) 
My dad and my best friend Dada were awaiting me and my mom at the airport and after we went to eat we decided to have a slumber partay :P 
after unpacking my bag we kicked of the night on Polyvore and made an amazing collection about the upcoming fashion trends this spring . ( check it out in the link below) 
then we cracked up playing card games that "santa" brought me this x-mas :) 
and last but not least we turned the lights out and ...
went to sleep :D

I'm so exited for what 2013 will bring me :) 
sorry don't have allot of exiting things to say but that will change, this is just the beginning :) 

Stay Excellent
xx Lyssie

song of the day: 
You wanted it ~ MoZella